31 December, 2007

January 1, 2008 and needlework ahead

I almost feel "overwhelmed" already as there is so much I want to do "needlework" wise this year. I imagine we can really say needlework as one uses a knitting needle, a crochet hook/needle, a sewing needle, a quilting needle, a sewing machine needle, an embroidery needle .... I could go on!

Sharon B from In a Minute Ago has started her 2008 Take It Further Challenge; I believe I'll probably be opting for the color themes. This month is certainly different: I find certain colors "appeal" to me at different times of year, and to me, this is a soft early spring color theme.

Today here it is sunny, white and bright, AND a crisp -25C!

I need to do last night's manti-making pots and pans (great for the shoulder issues, believe it or not), finish blog surfing, and then open a new book

and all of a sudden, I notice the two images above have similar colorings.

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verobirdie said...

I have just seen the TIF themes for this month, and did not know which one I would chose. Then I came to you blog, and saw the color theme displayed, but not yet the book underneath, and it was clear. That color scheme is that of lavender and olives. The challenge is much easier all of suden. Thanks for your help! Funny how to see the same picture in a different context changes the perception...