07 January, 2008

Take It Further Challenge: Findings...

Look what I found on top in the "silks" tubs

a beautiful piece of silk ikat from Uzbekistan.

I'll have to impose on someone for advice on how to stitch on this: I do NOT want to cut it up. I also won't use it for the Take It Further Challenge -- it's too special to put quiliting cotton pieces ontop.
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Now I REALLY have to get off the computer: today's new recipe will be Georgian/Turkish/Armenian ful (Beans) that have been soaking overnight. We'll have them with .... steak!

And then ... back to preparing Christmas ornaments for hibernation.


paulahewitt said...

Hi MaryJo
this fabric is beautiful - I can see why you dont want to cut it. I have nominated you for a make my day award.

jude said...

wow, i am in love.