19 January, 2012

Rain, snow, and WIPs

It is FINALLY raining here in the Central Valley (late afternoon today) and snowing in the Sierra ... whew!  It has been heartbreaking for the ski industry and "satellite" businesses connected with snow, but the cattle also need rain for grass .... it will be interesting to see how much "dump" we get AND hopefully we will get more.  The weather news was all anyone out and about has been talking about, so hopefully we will  take the inclement weather in stride and be happy for it.

I finished one of the SpillyJane Polska mittens and hope to cast on this weekend for the second.  I'm not that "in love" with the Knit Picks yarn (Palette) but the colors are fabulous and I am sure I will be happy when the pair is done.

Meanwhile, I'm at the final edge of my Stripe Study shawl in Malabrigo sock -- so I hope to get that done in the next couple of days.  I will be going to a few knitting groups in the next couple of weeks, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep pushing forward on WIPs and FOs.  I've done well so far this month!

The family afghan got repaired -- yay!  Cascade 220 came to the rescue; the "old" (34 years) yarn was Brunswick Germantown wool, which is no longer made.  I was amazed to see it still in people's stashes though!

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