05 January, 2012

2012 .... moving forward!

I had actually thought I would put the blog on hiatus, but have reconsidered!  I've played around with putting knitting items I like up on Posterous, on tumblr .... there are just too many places and I just need to get organized LOL.  I also  try not to get on Pinterest too often -- I can spend an entire day there!

SO.  I do have a few knitting goals for 2012:  work on finishing up my (many) "beloved" WIPs, and work on knitting down the stash.  AND I want to knit a sweater for myself -- it has been years since I've made anything but the "box style" early EZ type.  And I so have to smile -- yes, I did a lopi YEARS ago.  As much as I love colorwork, I don't really need to do one of them again.  They are warm, and I don't live in Russia anymore LOL.

We are winding up our stay in the Sierra California mountains (still no snow this year!) and I'm trying to finish a very fun project: (progress shot)

the blue cable section is quite long; I haven't measured it yet.  I won't be able to take a full-length shot until I get home though:  there are no "plain" surfaces up here on which to get a shot that is not "mountain wood".

                                     the jellyfish scarf from Interweave Knits Accessories 2011

I'm using Shibui Silk cloud in ivory for the "jellyfish" part (2nd part of pattern) and have used  "wrought iron colorway" mohair lace from Margaret from french market fibers on etsy.com.  The cable part of the pattern with the inky blue mohair is really nice, and the ivory part with the Shibui Silk cloud is going well.  My scarf doesn't look quite as ruffly though -- but it will still be fun to wear!  The mohair is light and fluffy, but oh-so-warm, so I'm hoping that I get good use out of it.
From the yarn(s) websites:
Shibui Silk cloud
unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the skein of mohair lace from Margaret, so we'll have to wait for my FO project.  I have 10 grams left from the original 50 grams, so I may try and play around with that in a photo.

I'm using size US8 Addi Natura circular needles -- they grab the mohair and silk well!

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