01 January, 2010

New Year 's decluttering and learning

I need to spend a few days decluttering after Christmas, but decided today was the perfect day to go through hundreds of fiber- related blogs that I may have looked at in the past.  I use Bloglines as my blog reader.

It has been MONTHS since I have last looked at "my" blogs. Many of the old favorites are still there; many others have had "slim pickings" in their postings.  It is very obvious that Ravelry is where most of the action is now,  but I also rely on Flickr to keep me up to date on what others are working on.

But I do love looking at what I call "Nordic bloggers" -- blogs by knitters in the cold climes seem to be full of thoughtful prose and slightly different styles.  Even if I do come upon a blog in Norwegian or Swedish (neither of which I speak) , I often "flag" the blog to go back to look at the photos of knitted works in progress.  I always seem to learn something,
it has finally struck me THAT is why I look at so many blogs and others' work.  I'm always learning something, and I like that!

my continuing project: Willow block crocheted afghan

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