28 December, 2009

After Christmas scatterings

Family has scattered to the winds, but I am the proud "sitter" of my daughter's cat, Dharma, a Maine coon. So far, it has been a lot of fun having an animal in the house again.

One of the sad parts of Christmas is the leftovers of things that need to be put away, so for the next week I'll be tackling that job little by little.  The washing machine is busy, too!

But the most fun is going through "the Christmas loot" (sorry, couldn't resist).  Here are some books I got from Santa -- can't wait to finally sit down and read them!

 But this book below ... should have my name on it!


Dee D said...

Dharma is beautiful

craftivore said...

Now that is a haul! You lucky girl. I've almost bought Mostly Mittens several times. I've never seen Invisible Threads or the Varkava book before, let me know how you like them.