13 October, 2009


Autumn has started here  ... with two days of rain forecasted.  I hope to spend most of the time knitting!

Like many others, I seem to be neglecting to even thinking of blogging -- we're all over at Ravelry!  But I continue to work on lots of projects at once, and will finish a hat from the fall Vogue Knitting magazine this morning.  Then to decide to make some gloves or mittens to go with it.

Stamps went on to Reno this past week -- need to peek and see what he is doing.

I did finish my Bandelier socks with a great KAL group -- and most did the WHOLE sock in pattern!


Pinneguri said...

Ah, but your socks are so much more practical!

Maria said...


craftivore said...

Your Bandeliers are fabulous, I love the orange, with a peek of purple, and the gray.

Sarah said...

Love the autumnal colors used in your Bandeliers--very fitting for the season AND your feet :D Thanks for your encouraging words on mine via Ravelry. Happy Autumn and stay dry. We had another hard freeze and now following by rains for a few days.