28 October, 2009

Fall is here

although we (California) needs it, I'm happy we've had a couple of days of .... dry .... wind.  So the leaves are coming down gently and will be easy to get up.

I finally "got" the pattern/wool needed for a scarf for my son for Christmas -- Tipsy Rib Scarf -- it took a lot of trial and error to get 1) a pattern that I liked and 2) wool that would hold the pattern. This is just about "reversible", and is nice and thick enough that it will be warm AND comfy.  The wool is Cascade Cash vero with merino, a smidge of cashmere, and a smidge of microfiber.  But the most important factor is that there is no "scratchy" aspect to it.  I REALLY wanted Malabrigo, but the LYS didn't have it in navy, the REQUESTED color :)

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