04 August, 2009

It is never too late ... to spring clean your WIPs

I'm in the mountains for a while, and brought up multiple LARGE (XXL Ziplocs) bags full of knitting projects. Many of the bags frankly are a mess --- full of long forgotten notes, pencils, stitch markers and "stuff."

Life can be cruel though :) -- the SPECIFIC yarn I needed to start a KAL somehow got put "away" instead of put with the "take with" pile. Serves me right for having so many WIPs in the first place.

So I am taking a hard look at what I have, and plan to frog a few projects and move on. That, of course, will free up some of those small stitch markers that I am always looking for!

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Dee D said...

Once it becomes a WIP and is set aside for awhile, I find the project doesn't really interest and I'd rather rip it out. No point in wasting the time knitting any further. Maybe leaving the KAL behind wasn't such a bad thing afterall.