14 July, 2009

Life swirling around you

Summer is quite brief up here in the mountains, so major "jobs" have to be done NOW.

Today, there are two guys under the house putting adding more insulation, as almost 40 years of "stuff" down there is no longer really much good. Hubby (along with his brother, when he was here) has been attacking mountain nettle, which is really sort of a low-growing tree-bush, so there are mounds to be picked up and hauled away.

And me? I should be doing dishes. But I'm cruising Ravelry, and then will continue working on my Ishbel shawl in the wonderful Sublime merino. I bought two more balls yesterday -- hope that will be enough!


Maria said...

Gorgeous! It looks like a really fun knit.

Jackie said...

So you are still up there for a while. Except for the work being done it must be lovely, relaxing and peaceful.

Catherine said...

To be in the mountains and knit! Nice anytime but now when it is so hot here in the valley - very nice! And the shawl is lovely.