27 July, 2009

Highland Lakes area, 8600 feet/2620 meters

The "projects" (latest: deck staining) were stopped for a few hours this morning, and we made our annual pilgrimage to nearby Highland Lakes, which is an alpine lake at 8600 feet.

The drive up there is always an adventure: the road is closed in the winter. But it is not that much of a road, and with twists, turns, rocks, driving through water and often "washboard" conditions, one is always very grateful to get to the lake area. Most of the wildflowers were a little past their glory, but there was still plenty of color.

It was glorious, and of course there are a ton more photos that I won't post. I had a fun laugh, as I thought of my on-line Norwegian friend, who recently was in Scotland, hiking .... and knitting! I didn't pull my knitting out though -- it was alarmingly warm for up there. Usually we are in three layers, and today, a tank top was enough.

And of course the requisite photo of "hold the camera out in front of you" of the two hikers -- I'm slathered in sunblock and managed not to get "fried" (thank you Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 70!)

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