12 June, 2009

Time to breathe, and weekend knitting ahead

Had a lovely trip last week to attend a niece's wedding in Houston. The wedding of course was lovely, and .... so was the weather!

This was taken with my new-and-oh-so-much-fun iphone, can you believe it?

Tomorrow is worldwide Knit in Public Day. I've decided the only way I'll really get any knitting done is to stay home. I SHOULD stay home and take advantage of the moderate weather we've been having before it gets hot ... and stays hot.

So, my latest WIP (we won't count all the other ones)

Knitspot Boxleaf Triangle
3.25 mm Addi Lace circulars
heavenly soft gifted handspun

We'll see if I can stay on track!

PS Two days later: this project unfortunately is no longer: a dropped stitch, huge hole and springy handspun with too many yarn overs ... no way to recover. Too bad there isn't a "restore" command in knitting, sigh. So the photo will be a nice memory until I get up the mental willpower to start over.

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Dee D said...

Wonderful wedding photo