13 May, 2009

A lovely send off for my mother

I'm just back in California from being back East. My brothers and our extended family gave my mother's ashes a great send off at a gorgeous state park near the Chesapeake Bay last Saturday. Even with the "minimum" who attended, our group was still large enough, and it included my aunt, my late mother's identical twin, and 3 of her children.

Here I am with my four brothers and my aunt, who we never can get to smile for a photo! She was in a wheel chair to be able to get to the water's edge which was better than sliding in the sand with her walker.

Genetics is a very powerful thing: even as "old ladies", it was hard for non-family members to tell the differences between my mother and aunt, and going through family photos is still just about impossible -- even for us!

I had a lovely Mother's Day with our son, who had come from NY to be with the family for the weekend, and gorgeous flowers from our daughter. The weekend was also great to catch up with almost-grown nieces and nephews, eat out a couple of times, and enjoy the fabulous-for-Washington, D.C. late late spring weather with tons of blooming azaleas.

TODAY I only have a few goals: go to the grocery store, try and let my allergy issues recover from East Coast-itis, and sit and knit and relax a little. The kitchen put-back-together is still waiting for me, but that can wait a few more days: tomorrow is more sitting at the car dealership while waiting for a mileage checkup. Of course, that just means more time to knit!


Catherine said...


What a beautiful way for your family to come together to remember your mother and say your last good byes. - Catherine

Dee D said...

What a nice tribute to your Mom.

Janet said...

A lovely way to share your farewell.

lucy said...

I hope the sweet memories of your mom linger on in thoughts and life!