23 April, 2009

Late spring non-knitting

We seem to be going full speed getting ready for summer - hubby here taking care of the "fountain" outside in the back. Planting a few things, cleaning up outside from the winter which we never got a chance to do because we were unpacking, and then coping with a few days of HOT blasty weather.

So I'm not doing any knitting, but somehow manage to keep thinking about it. Three new things to keep me happy:

(P.S. for errata/corrections for the Knitting Socks with Handpainted yarn, look here.

I'm still debating whether I "need" Cookie A's new sock book as I don't make most of her socks. I love looking at them, but am not fond of seeing my white skin 'poke" through the lace.

And on a completely different tangent, NPR this am had an interview with Ruth Reichl from Gourmet. Alert the media: Ruth mother was ... a terrible cook. Who knew?

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