13 February, 2009

still trying to catch up ... with knitting

I finished this scarf a while back and then gave it to darling daughter who visited this week:

Handmaiden Fine Yarn Silk Maiden, two skeins
Jaywalker/chevron scarf
about 9 feet long!

tonight I'm winding some Aracucania Ranco solid in a purple iris color ... not totally saturated, so it will be interesting to see how it works up.

But in order to really catch up, I need quite a few hours to be on Ravelry, Flickr and my Bloglines lists ... next week, I hope!


Anonymous said...

There is a german onlinestore who will start selling the handmaiden soon and I'm looking forward to getting a skein of this yarn! And the colors on this scarf are just great! What's the name of the colorway?

Greets, Julia

MaryjoO said...

for some reason, I didn't put this in my Ravelry stash so I went back to the online site -- Colorsong -- and found the colorway: Morgana.