15 February, 2009

"Stash" photos and something else to buy

We've made HUGE dent in getting the house in order, but of course we still have a couple of rooms to do: my sewing room and the guest room.

And no, I haven't been on a shopping spree, although you'd think so from my Flickr photos. I'm just taking photos of yarn from this fall that I want to get into my Ravelry stash "log."

My sewing room is strewn with tubs of "stash" (knitting wool), so I'm checking them to make sure the skeins inside are in plastic bags that are CLOSED. I've NEVER had issues with moths in my life, but am really afraid with all the trees around here, we might get winged critters in the house sometime.

So tomorrow, I'm off to buy some

I've heard that this soap is the BEST thing there is to keep the moths away. I'll try and cut a few bars up (and sorry, gag from the smell while doing it) -- I can't imagine I'll need a whole bar in each tub.


Anonymous said...

Woohhoooo, will keep an eye on my friends activity to see what knitting yarns you did find in the various bags.
I'm just like you really moth-conscious. Every last bit of knitting wool is in a closed zipper bag. Can't stand the thought of moths nibbling on my yarns :)

Liz said...

I've heard that about Irish Spring and moths too. Plus, it just smells sooo good. :)