23 February, 2009

In the life could be worse department.....

I just got a reality check when looking at someone's blog who has had cancer .... makes MY issue of the day very trivial.

Life could be worse for me though, but thankfully isn't.

Yesterday, during a big push of getting boxes of books out of the garage and onto yet more IKEA Billy bookshelves , we spotted a ant pileup in the kitchen ... wow! They were after something, which turned out to be a small worm, probably brought into the house via the same cracks the ants are using during this rainy season. I had bought Raid spray earlier in the day, so I grabbed the can and sprayed the hardwood floor. Great -- and then I stepped forward without thinking, and of course slipped. Onto my tailbone. Pretty hard. I soon enough realized through the pain that I COULD move. Nothing broken/cracked, just a very very sore "tailbone."

Fast forward to today: I can walk around, with a very dull but strong ache in my lower back -- it feels as if I was "just kicked in the back by a horse." Walking, sitting ... it's all the same. Painful. It will just take some time to go away. I'm typing this standing up.

So, now at 5:30 pm, I've decided to just "give it up" and sit in the bedroom in this
and knit.

And we may even have our favorite Round Table Pizza veggie and pepperoni combo for dinner, as John is on huge roll himself today: going through musty/moldy books that were in storage for 15 years, taking (sadly) some of them to the dump, and then trying to scan some of the old photos so something is salvageable. Thankfully he did this in the garage, but his musty clothes are now in the wash for a second wash-through. "Pee-whew" on the musty smell from ... treasures.

and in the "only in America" department:

who knew that we made our insecticide in "scents" -- Raid comes in "lemon, outdoor fresh and country fresh." Don't the ants have enough "outdoor fresh"?


be*mused jan said...

Ants...ugh. I've had my experiences with them. Good luck with that!
Regarding the Billy bookshelves, I've been thinking about them but haven't actually seen them other than catalog photos. Are they sturdy enough to be filled solidly with books/magazines? (Thinking about my sewing room.) Do you anchor yours to the wall, as suggested?

Wendy said...

I have that chair! Love it! Unfortunately, it's been commandeered for video games as opposed to knitting, but there's always the couch.

MaryjoO said...

Jan -- we ARE in CA but not on a fault so we decided NOT to anchor the bookshelves. But boy do we have a lot of them -- I should take a photo. IKEA should have had a good last quarter from us LOL. Anyway, we love them -- I even got a narrow one with glass shelves for my sewing room so I could put my doll collection "up" from the dust.
But for my sewing room, I got the Expedit series -- a royal pain to put together and very heavy, but the shelves are MUCH deeper for those standup books, magazine holders with magazines, and room for other "containers" that go with the set. I think I have some Flickr photos of my bookshelves, so you can see how deep they are!