26 February, 2009

February in the mountains

We're up in the Sierra for a few days enjoying the quiet ... and some snow. It looks like a lot, but it's still not all that "much" -- could be more! But what is so strange to me, after years of not seeing "spring" until May or so, that trees are starting to flower at home. In February -- wow.

But I get to wear these -- oh, they are so nice and toasty warm!
(made in 2007 with stashbusting Malabrigo and something)
cowgirl slipper socks, also featured in Interweave Knits Winter 2006


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time up there especially with your feet in these cozy-looking socks!


Anonymous said...

The snow looks so so pretty. Completely different than life here in Malaysia.

Nanette said...

Snow and mountains is my favorite combination! How lovely! Your socks look so warm and perfect for your environment!