22 January, 2009

Looking back, looking ahead

2009 has started off on a hectic foot:

after a whirlwind Christmas with visiting family, a house guest, packing boxes still in rooms and a trip to the mountains, we've had to go to Washington to visit my extremely ill mother. Until end of life issues hit your family, you never realize how difficult it all is to cope with. I'm standing by right now to have to return.

While we were in Washington, my husband was able to have a "computer slide show" of some of the many thousands of photos he has stored on his computer. We had actually started going over baby photos with now-young-adult nieces and nephews, and then digressed to photos when I was just married (mid 1970's), my 4 brothers still single and my youngest brother "young."

We could have had some of the photos on an album cover:

On a crafting note, this fall my mother sent me a quilted table runner I made for her over 20 years ago. This mariner's compass runner was the second quilted project I ever did -- and I think I still have some scraps of those fabrics left. Once you do this by hand, it is almost easier to whip it up that way rather than machine!

We found some decent "washable" curtain panels for the patio doors here in our Sacramento house, so I have to get my sewing machine out very soon to take out the hems. I had a moment of "angst" yesterday when we were taking boxes to the dump: in the get-rid-of-pile was the "trusty" box that my Pfaff has been traveling around the world in. Sigh. Who knew you can even become attached to boxes?

And I have been doing a tiny bit of knitting:

I'm managing the darkside cowl, and a pair of Primavera socks with Wollmeise -- that has been fun! For the socks, I'm using KnitPicks wooden dpns, and while they are lovely and pointy, they don't have the "give" that bamboo needles do. I found them a little stiff, making the pattern tiresome. I'll get back to them eventually.

In the meantime, go give your own mother a hug!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mom! Will hug mine as soon as I see her..

Hugs, Bea

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are back home soon! BTW: what a great colored wool you use for the cowl!
And the pooling of the am kalten Polar on the cuff of the sock is just awesome ;)