19 December, 2008

Dear Santa

"please bring me time to do this:"

We are still unpacking, trying to find places for everything. I won't even begin to describe what "everything" entails though.

"Oh, Dear Santa, while you are at it, please bring me a few extra closets, too, so the garage stops being a "black hole".

Today was a GOOD day with another trip to IKEA, who must wonder how we are single-handedly supporting the company this December. More excitement came when I finally found the good Lindt white chocolate for my homemade peppermint bark recipe, and Golden Pheasant brand polenta -- which not only makes fabulous polenta but also quick-to-make drop orange polenta cookies!

My husband's annual Christmas letter is almost done, so I'll post the URL photo part here soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope that you will get done with all the moving and unpacking soon! I think both of us make IKEA very happy ;)
Need to go there again for a few things, but I won't do this on Saturday, it would get me mad I think!
Have a great christmas! How about my package? still not there?