08 November, 2008

weekend and new "favorite socks"

Only in America:

we actually went to Lake Tahoe to one of those fancy casino hotels on the Nevada side on November 4

so we could watch the elections on TV! (we don't have a TV up here in the mountains)

The drive was lovely, up to 8000 ft/2400 m (Carson pass) through sleepy tiny towns in the snow to .... Harrah's. There were a few of the usual "characters", including a couple that looked like they could have come off the set of The Sopranos -- I kept telling my husband that I wanted the woman's white outfit and pointy shoes. The hotel was lovely, super clean, and of course had slot machines on the way to the elevator. We opted for "dinner in" and spent a fortune at the grocery store stocking up on food as we if were watching the Super Bowl.

We enjoyed the two bathrooms, lovely and clean room, lots of TV watching, and the results. I finished my moebius but still haven't taken a photo of it yet.

I'm nearing the finish of the Selbu modern hat, and then will start on some mittens from Nordic fiber arts.

This afternoon I've been brave and worked with baking altitude issues. I managed a lemon poppyseed pound cake (family favorite) and some pumpkin spice cookies, and lots of dishes.

I also managed to take a few peeks at some of my Bloglines reads -- today's find was fun:

Purlana's Laila socks from Nancy Bush -- the colors reminded me of our family favorite lingonberry juice/jam!


freebird said...

That's one way to watch elections! We watched too with my husband going back and forth from the internet to the T.V. seeing which would update the fastest!

Catherine said...

Lake Tahoe, especially south shore, is a strange place! We get up every once in awhile, get our fill and come home.

Good luck with the high altitude baking. It frustrated me when I stayed at my sister's house last summer. She doesn't bake so I end up doing the experimenting.