27 October, 2008


We seem to be in the car a lot, so I'm working on a "jaywalker" scarf (pattern from the famous jaywalker socks by Grumperina)

the moebius is also getting fatter: I'm about to start on the third ball of yarn.

I found a great dense but very comfortable sock pattern to work on: Charade

this pattern works much better with the Fleece Artist sock yarn than the first attempts I tried with the TTLoop Socktober mystery sock pattern -- I guess that pattern was just too open!

But the real thrill:
a 3.5 in/8.8 cm mini-kitchen shears tool

there is so much packaging on stuff here that I can't seem to get ANYTHING open without a pair of scissors!


sillyewe said...

Hi, There! Thanks for the comment! I also find that I seem to be doing one or the other with knitting/quilting. Goes in cycles, I guess. I have my machine in the living room to remind me to get a block done here and there. LOL And what do I do?? Pillows. hahah I do love the pattern tho. GREAT stash buster. It has been a blast to work on. There are so many of his things I would like to make or elaborate on....if one CAN elaborate on any of his designs. So what was Kazakhstan like anyway?????

freebird said...

I'm glad you found a heavy sock pattern. The one I use is from an old booklet called Wisconsin Winter Socks printed by Cottage Creations and right now I can't find it. I'd better find it soon or I won't be knitting my son's Christmas slipper/socks! The ones I make use two strands of knitting worsted weight yarn.