13 October, 2008


The idea of moebius has fascinated mathematicians, scientists, musicians .... and knitters.

Cat Bordhi
seems to be the knitter's guru on this: she has a book, a You-Tube video, and classes.

To do Cat's moebius, you need at least a 47inch/120 cm length circular needle. I don't have one that long, so I'm trying the Drops Design with an 80 cm length Addi.

Here is the beginning of the design. Given my lack of much spatially, I can't seem to think that this will "come out." But I think there is only one twist (as per instructions) so I will continue.


Jessica said...

Ah, the moebius! It's what happened to 50% of my "hats" when I first started knitting. They really mean it when they say "take care when joining."

First week here in Baku and so far so good -- getting re-adjusted to life in the FSU.

Anonymous said...

This will surely work out. When I did my moebius it looked terrible at the beginning. But when it is big enough it suddenly gets much much prettier!