08 September, 2008

Short Timers

The days are moving on and we'll be leaving soon.

This morning I had the pleasure (yes!)of writing thank-you letters to the artists who loaned the Residence art works during our time here though the
Art in Embassies program.

Although the works have been packed up and are hopefully safely en route "back home," it was fun to remember why we liked the pieces so much and what our guests said about each piece.

Although the collection was fabulous, with art glass, tapestry weavings (including cover piece and another by Mary Zicafoose), fiber art with various techniques and some oils (oils on paper, oils on canvas, oils on board), my "private" favorites were two works by Karen Kitchel.

Why were they my favorites? You won't believe it, but the "scene" down the path from the road to our house in the mountains looks JUST like this when the thistles are "in bloom."

Who knew one would love thistles so much? I'm not sure what use they have, but they come back strong and vibrantly colored year after year.

But I may have to wait until next spring to see them, as I suspect they've just about gone into hiding in the cool evenings now up in the Sierra.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I too love that work......great blog very interesting.

Gill in Canada

Pinneguri said...

Have a safe trip, and a nice one! I suppose I wont hear from you for a while now?
About thistles, isn't it strange that you also gave that name to my shawl? Maybe you were a thistle in your earlier life ;)

Thanks for the reward, very generous of you :)
And again, happy moving! If such a thing exist ...