27 September, 2008

Sharing (a-choo!)

is 10 years old today, and half the world must be on the internet and blogs about something, as it took me forever to get this page opened!

I remember ... that I found out about Google from an online quilt group! We quickly switched from ... I can't even remember what we used for a search engine before Google -- probably Yahoo.

I'm also now sharing the cold and severe sore throat it seems half the US has at the moment. My immediate priorities are whether Sucrets or Chloraseptic throat lozenges will work better. The cheerful thought about all this is that Sucrets still come in a metal tin!

I made it back to the LYS yesterday, and it does seem I missed some of those "impulse" items in my jetlagged fog after all. Unfortunately, I wasn't tempted by any of them.

I did a few more things, and bought some Louet Gems sport weight yarn to try the Knotty Gloves pattern.

They will be a nice diversion from the shoalwater shawl pattern -- I'm going to switch to Add Bamboo needles to see if the knitting goes any faster!

1 comment:

freebird said...

Hope you feel better soon. Didn't you just get back to the states? You are probably not used to the new strains of bugs out now.

Rest and knit.