31 August, 2008

Fiber weekending/worrying about weather

I've reached the "nupps" portion of my Swallowtail shawl. I don't find the nupps a problem -- but more an annoyance in the Handmaiden Sea Silk.

So I'm diverting the strain from the purl 5 togethers and started the Shoalwater Shawl in my Helen's Laces seaside colorway.

The pattern is interesting as it is all knit -- something I haven't done in long time. The yarn is lovely and soft, but thin, although it doesn't look like it wound up!

But it is amazing: after constant whining, when the time comes and one can do "nothing" , how strange it is.

You wander around looking for stuff, even though you only have two suitcases and things can't be far.

You worry about extended relatives in the New Orleans area. You install yet more widgets on your sidebar to track weather.

And then to take your mind off the storm that will hit that area on Monday, it's time to put something in the "tags" section of all the things you've queued on Ravelry so you can find something when you want it!

1 comment:

freebird said...

Well it seems they are evacuating everyone just in case so things should definitely go better this time around.

This ball looks like some very thin yarn to me.