10 August, 2008

Breaking Daylight

Monday am:

As I am getting going for the day, I'm checking the news and some blogs on line.

One of my knitting favorite blogs, Dances with Wool, is "situated" much further north than we are (somewhere near the Arctic Circle). She mentions her hours of daylight right now:

"...he sun rises 0432 and sets 2209 (1009pm) here, so the day is less than 18 hours at the moment" .... and that it's cool, temperature wise.

We are "north enough", but not that far -- our day today starts at 05:15 and ends at 21:20 -- a lot less than a month ago when it was still light at 11:00 pm!! And we've had quite a warm summer, which makes up for some of the -40 days we had last winter.

And in winter here it gets light at ..... 9:00 am. I used to stand by a window looking at my watch saying "come on, come on ..."

hmm: another site has some different hours (the times above must be "twilight" times)
Data about Astana (Tselinograd), Kazakhstan:

* Sunrise is at 5:52 AM.
* Sunset is at 8:47 PM.
* Latitude is 51° 12’ N.
* Longitude is 71° 27’ E.
* Located in East Kazakhstan Time zone.
* Standard Time difference compared to UTC/GMT is +6 hours.
* Daylight Saving Time is not used.

ahh, I'll miss it LOL

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Thanks for visiting my knitting blog. I don't know if there is the English name for the pattern of the brown cardigan...:-(