16 August, 2008

All thumbs

I finished the second mitten yesterday and started the thumb:

note to self: do not try to pick up stitches in the late afternoon with dark wool -- you really need good morning natural light.

This morning I knit along, watching the Olympics and jumping up constantly to lesson the stress on my arm. But I was not happy with my "pattern" -- it just wasn't coming out evenly.

So I frogged it back to the start of the thumb ... I feel like those poor athletes that come in 7th... at least they are at the Olympics and they've trained well, and at least I finished the body of both mittens.


be*mused jan said...

You're right...you do need good light to work on these mittens! My temporary apartment only has table lamps. I can't wait to get into the new house and be reunited with my work lamps!

be*mused jan said...

And I meant to say that the mittens are looking great!