02 July, 2008

Summer ... and who has time for blogging?

Cara from the blog "January one" just posted (June 29) about how much "knitblogging" has changed since Ravelry -- there are a lot of interesting viewpoints in response and also many new blogs listed to check out.

I started blogging pre-Ravelry to keep track of my fiber projects. I am very guilty of "start-itis" and wanted a way to rein myself in a little and keep track of things. I don't think or worry about how many "readers" I might have, but know I couldn't keep "sane" without my internet life. It is a fiber community for me.

Recently, I met up, in another city, with someone from a Ravelry group. We've talked online a lot, but it was wonderful meeting her "in the flesh". I have to tell say that as we talked with others around us, and said, "we met on the internet" people did give us strange looks! You have to remember that it truly is a small world: two American knitters meeting under the beautiful mountain scenery in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In real life we are having an extremely busy summer work wise. We just said "goodbye" to an official delegation that was here for 3 1/2 days. It is a lot of fun to assist in these visits and show the "town" where we live. But I have to tell you, nothing beats seeing a airplane that says "United States of America" on the local tarmac! (It would be the same for anyone from any country seeing their own plane.)

So, I'm surfacing for a moment. I got some mail yesterday -- more "toys" (upgraded stylus and more) for my new Palm Centro phone, and a bag from Alpaca Direct with more Misti Alpaca and ..... an error. I had ordered some Lorna's Lace's Helen's lace for summer shawl lace, and received some sock yarn instead. It's all been corrected and the Helen's lace is on its way. I'm eager to "feel" how the Helen's laces will be. I'm having "fun" with Alpaca Direct -- the prices are fabulous and the service is quick, and their site is easy to use.

And here on the steppe we've having a warm summer already. We have our own garden, so things are really coming along. Basil, which we've never had enough of, is coming out of our ears. The local dill is taking over one strip. It's sort of funny -- we don't use THAT much dill!

So I'm having a tiny breather this afternoon. Tomorrow we continue with out official 4th of July "national day" events -- 3 ahead of us.

I really should be cleaning out my closet, I need to get rid of things that are out of style or don't fit well, so there is a huge pile that is threatening to explode on the dresser in the closet. But I think I'll go knit for a while and listen to podcasts -- nothing better to de-stress with! I'm continuing work on my Evelyn Clark Heartland shawl. I've reached the mid-section fine and just need to decide when I'll stop with the repeats and start on the border. It's been a fun knit, and the Knit Picks Harmony needles ... VERY nice!

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freebird said...

I know what you mean about taking a breather. I've been visiting family that doesn't live near me and that has seriously slowed my crafting and blogging. I'm not worried as I'll be back to my usual slow-paced life soon but my Fourth of July was spent peacefully alone (I didn't want to drag my dogs out where they were in strange surroundings with fireworks - not a good combination). I did some drawing, stitching and blogging. Wonderful. I'll check out the site where you got your yarn. So far Knit Picks seems to have the best deals but you never know!