07 July, 2008

Just a quick soaking left to do ...

We're finished with the 4th of July, and today we had a real day off. It was a good day just to sit and listen to podcasts and get this done and off the needles.

The pattern is brilliant, and thanks to a nice rhythm that eventually comes, I was able to cope traveling around with it in cars, on airplanes, and in hotel rooms. The Knit Picks needles REALLY helped. I originally was going to make the shawl quite a bit bigger, but stopped the repeats at the end of the 100 gram ball and went into the second ball to finish up: I used 114 grams total.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll get a chance to soak and block the shawl, although "work" might get in the way. My next project will be to do something small so I can try the local Alpaca Silk to see if I want to get any more before we leave.

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