15 June, 2008

Summer for shawls

I'm a really slow knitter but have become enamored with shawls and am constantly
thinking about them now -- probably because they will be such a good "packing" project (one circular, one ball of wool, one pattern). I don't have to be reminded that they are not necessarily a good "knitting" idea when traveling, but that's what "lifelines" are for!

I still have the second Latvian mitten to work on, but otherwise, no more summer projects except shawls. Everything else has to be organized to be packed.

I'm working on a great pattern -- Evelyn Clark's "Heartland Lace Shawl" in a local wool that will block up nicely and seems to be going along at a reasonable clip for me. The colors seems "cool" to me so it's been fun.

Now .. just to wonder why the center stitch is so wobbly?

Today is a normal Monday with the normal things to get organized, and then go to a jazz concert this evening.

Knitting in Public day came and went -- next year hopefully I'll get to participate in one. But we'll be in CA -- so I am sure I'll be able to get to a "stitch and pitch" too!

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