28 May, 2008

A NEW textile site! from Sharon B

I realized about mid-April that I wouldn't be able to keep up with Sharon B's "Take it Further" monthly challenges, and went back to knitting which I can pick up and put down without too much thought -- as time allows. Luckily I love knitting, love Ravelry and don't mind picking up and putting down projects mid-stitch.

I have also been totally remiss in checking on Sharon's blog, but to my delight today I see that she has set up a new textile site for all of us interested in textile related delights such as felting, crazy quilting, art quilting, beading, embroidery, redwork, weaving and more. It will also a place to congregate for challenges and find tutorials.

The site is called Stitchin fingers, and I look forward to taking a look at all it offers! It will also give us another place to keep an eye on Sharon's many talents that she shares with us.

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