21 April, 2008

What do we do with our time?

I'll be going to Almaty in a few days, so I hope to get out and enjoy looking at the mountains and walk in the park.

The snow here from last week is just about gone; the city is coming out with tiny green sprouts on some of the trees. Our upstairs "seedlings" are doing great.

I'm still going to PT -- today was a little rough because I haven't been exercising as much as I should. The joint/movement issues are great, but that stubborn deltoid muscle still needs a little "thawing."

I've got two different beds full of recipes and patterns to be filed.

the knitting and craft pattern filing is just about done though. The recipes are from ... Christmas and my mega Easter cooking spree.

I'm working on the slow-going Earth Stripe Wrap in the evenings and a complicated Latvian style mitten when I have a spare moment. I hope to take just that to Almaty and maybe get at least one done!

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