09 April, 2008

Treasures in my study to look at

When things are swirling around you and there is no "quiet" time, it's a good time to update photos. Here are a few things hanging in my study:
Palestinian cross stitch

Russian Vologda lace ornament

Turkish amulet "against the evil eye"


fluffbuff said...

Nice things you have in your study! That Palestinian cross stitch is very eye grabbing.

be*mused jan said...

That cross stitch piece is gorgeous. Wouldn't those colors look great in some Latvian mittens?
I'm always struck by the similarity of ethnic patterning among different cultures. You must be especially aware of this from your travel experiences.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Your blog is sensational - I spend far too much time looking at everything!! Are those Battenburg tapes on the Russian angel? Interesting.