29 February, 2008

March TIF challenge

Sharon B's March challenge is definitely .... a challenge! I need to finish Feb AND Jan, so I'll be like Scarlett O'Hara and think about this "another day." But someone has already posted DMC floss companion colors, so that will help!.
(Edited later in the day: it's still winter here. What is more "detailed" in the small version of nature than a snowflake? So I'll eventually do something with cutout snowflakes or snow crystals in thread.)We'll still have snow for a while, but if not, there are tons of pictures on Flickr to help me out.

I spent some time yesterday cruising Ravelry to look for ideas to put my sunburst granny squares together,
but I'm still thinking about it. I don't know if I want all those "white edges." But the Afghans and blanket group there has 67 pages of projects!

And I have a new fun knitting book
to look at (thanks to examples from Jean's Knitting): this book could keep you going for a while on the different styles of scarves to knit!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Have you looked at the old books from the 70's that are in re-print? I have the four Barbara G. Walker books, and couldn't function without them - the Mosaic Knitting is fabulous. Also, "Reversible Two-Color Knitting" (can't remember the author right this minute) - it's out of print, and I'm trying to find a copy that is under $100. I have some of the patterns, and they are wonderful. and EASY ah yes - Jane Neighbors.

MaryjoO said...

The Barbara Walker books are in my Amazon Wish list folder! I had forgotten about Mosaic knitting ... thanks for the reminder!