19 February, 2008

40 minutes...

is what about I figure I can do at one sitting with my shoulder issues, whether it's knitting or sewing. Sigh. Especially on a PT day - can't do "the same" thing for any longer. And we all know that in "40 minutes" you just get going. Most of the time I go on, and then "pay" for it later. Tres frustrating. No wonder I have so many WIPs.

Today I was happily starting some running stitches on my TIF Feb. with three strands of different colored floss (but Feb mandated colors). It started out well -- my shoulder felt fine. Then I started feeling that I needed to stop. But the piece looks "flat." It's true I have a very thin batting underneath, as I have enough trouble with the needling and the commercial batiks, but I had hoped for "something."

Esp. since I saw, but haven't read yet, the posting from Spirit Cloth on "shadows."

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jude said...

sometimes it takes a while for the stitching to take effect, and then there is always washing!