17 January, 2008

TIF Challenge: Silk threads

The pulled threads of the piece I'm working on are proving to be too short/a little fussy, so I searched around again in my stuff

and found this melt-into-your fabric Japanese silk thread: Kinkame (available on line at many sites).

The Kinkame thread is wonderful for embroidery and appliqué, and some sites say you can quilt with it, too!

I wonder if anyone has used it for quilting?

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Allison Ann Aller said...

That DOES look like invaluable thread!
You asked on my blog how I came up with the way to sew the rocks onto my embroidery...all I can say is, necessity is the mother of invention! I used to use shank button-backs glued on, but one day when I ran out of them in the middle of a project and was desperate to continue, the lightbulb went on!