05 January, 2008

Take It Further Challenge: doing circles and a tiny break

I'm taking a tiny break while doing freezer paper backed circles. Sounds easy, I know, but it still takes time. But I've also had a lovely morning with no household noise or interruptions.

While basting and gathering, one's mind wanders.
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I'm thinking that the circles are all I can get done today, and maybe even this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to try a new veggie tart for a lunch guest. On Monday (Orthodox Christmas), I need to put the Xmas/New Year's ornaments and arrangements away. Tuesday I have to say goodbye to a dear friend, then things need to be tidied up a bit for some photos of the house that need to be taken. On Wednesday, it is back to the 3x a week physical therapy schedule for my frozen shoulder issues.

Then, my mind wanders even more. Life for all of us has the "have to dos" and deadlines. This "challenge" also has a monthly deadline before we move onto the next month's themes.

People who don't sew or quilt or embroider or knit don't realize how much "thinking" time that goes into a project.

But after a while, all the stimulation that we each use (books, internet, photos, patterns, artwork) needs to be put away and we need to get to work. It is usually impossible for me to finish anything in a month, but I will really push myself.

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