04 January, 2008

Take It Further Challenge: changes?

I feel slightly like I'm contemplating my naval here but I may change my project slightly. I'm happy with the fabrics I culled from my stash, although they didn't photograph well color wise.

But I have to get the main part/background done this weekend, as next week I have to have clear decks and no mess.

That means: do I have the energy tomorrow to:

get out the sewing machine and hope all the cords and plugs are nearby someplace
find the manual
oil the machine

forget about finding the flannel design wall this weekend -- it could be anywhere in 2 closets of tubs (thanks to moving cities a year ago)

and where is the freezer paper roll?

What IS easiest for me at the moment is still handwork. Easy to pick up and easy to put behind a closet door.

The Circle Play book: I could probably do it all by hand -- I had to laugh at the way the author describes how to "gather" the fabric around the circles using the sewing machine. That's great if you have a large table, the sewing machine set up and more. Just whip those babies out. I bet I could do it just as fast by hand: we all didn't make yo-yos for nothing over the years....

Now I know why I've been knitting more than anything else: these items are easier to find after multiple moves/different storage spaces!

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Anonymous said...

Maryjo, I sympatize with you. If you have to move often it gets time to not only organize all the stuff but mentaly to get used to a new arragement, to remember what is where... I am in the similar position