08 December, 2007

Take It Further Challenge and thoughtful blog

I'm hoping to join Sharon B's from In a Minute Ago Take it Further Challenge in 2008, so I've activated the comments section here.

With my "schedule" I don't expect I'll be too adventurous, but it will be something to work on, get fabric and thread out for, and at least fun to think about.

I've been a long time lurker of Sharon's blog -- she is very generous with her time and expertise. Somehow, even with her blog and on-line classes, she always manages to find interesting textile blog links for all of us to look at.

Right now I'm working on Nanette's color block gloves, trying to figure out fit with different size needles.
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The simple color block pattern with Hand Jive's Nature's Palette Yarn and the Gansey glove (see postings below) have been a good lesson: I have a very narrow wrist, so I finally realized I need to use smaller needles for that section. We'll see how the rest of the hand fit goes -- I'm at the little finger now.

I've tremendously enjoyed looking at another blog: Spirit Cloth. Her prose is calm and thoughtful, and all of that translates in her hand stitching.

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jude said...

hey, thank you.... just catching up on my blog reading....so much time stitching lately!