14 December, 2007

Knitting weekend in the midst of snow

We are having a 4 day weekend here in Kz in honor of the local Independence Day. Snowflakes softly floating all morning. I've been looking at mitten patterns all morning on Ravelry but must get back to Colorblock gloves.

I frogged back down to the cuff to redo the wrist and then to switch back to a larger size needle. But I really want to get back to some mittens!

Ann from Norway has a lovely blog in Norwegian, of course, but was generous with a pattern in English for some Latvian mittens.

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KarenK said...

Happy Independence Day to those in Kz! The weather people are predicting snow here in northern Virginia, but we'll see...

I've been on a mitten binge lately too, started some Frostrosen mittens but got sidetracked by Christmas hats. Thanks for the link to those cute Latvian-style mittens!