09 December, 2007

First Machine Pieced Quilt

I'm a hand piecer and hand worker. I was taught to embroider, knit and crochet when I went to a British elementary school in Vienna, Austria years and years ago.

I started quilting in the 1980s when I was living in Virginia, where Jinny Beyer had just published her pattern block books, and we were all taught quilting and patchwork by hand. I started with Mariner's Compasses and more, but can machine piece a mean bias-cut triangle, thanks to Marsha McCloskey and her Feathered Star block series of the same "era."

This little quilt below was the first thing I EVER machine pieced. I didn't grow up around a sewing machine, so I sweated bullets doing this. And it still sits, unquilted, after all these years.
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Then later, courtesy of Marsha McCloskey's fabulous bias-square triangles directions:
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That's so great to see, Maryjo.
So, if I decided to actually use Marsha McCloskey's instructions from the book I have, there would be a chance to end up with a decent result?!
I am not able to machine piece yet, seeing your beautiful stars makes me want to try again.
Thanks for stopping by and delurking!

MaryjoO said...

Her book(s) are brilliant. They work --- I'll reply more in a sep e-mail.