21 December, 2007

And WHERE is the notebook...

for this 10 year old Russian drawn thread sampler? This DEFINITELY is a WISP -- a Work in Slow Progress, term coined by Sharon B from
In A Minute Ago

Sharon, these photos are for you! Talk about Slow Cloth .... could I do this again today? I doubt it.




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These are some of the drawn threads, saved to use again for basting, sewing up, or even sewing. Note cotton thread with "25 kopek" stamp. In the class we used Russian 42 count linen and DMC embroidery thread, or floss from India.
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Lacis reprint:
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verobirdie said...

oh gosh! this is so beautiful ! I love pulled thread embroidery, so this sampler is really an eyecandy!
You must be very proud of this work.

sharonb said...

LOL yep its a slow cloth but a great one!

Margaret S said...

some fine work here, don't you just love it when you re look at something you did a while ago and think wow I'm quite good!!!!!!!!!? well you should because those of us that can appreciate this work would say you should be proud of it.