15 September, 2007

Catching up mid September

Just got back from a quick trip to VA to visit Grandma -- sure hope all her ailments settle down and she works on her PT.

Flew United/Lufthansa and the best thing about traveling through Frankfurt was the Illy shop with, among other things, a $6 cappacucino. But when you have a 3 1/2 hour lay over after an overnight flight, it's worth buying TWO, and a lemonata and an Italian water and a piece of almond cake.

In VA I did three things: get driven around by one of my brothers and his wife, visit Grandma in the hospital, and get her things she wanted from her condo. Amazing how those things can eat up an entire week. Oh, and I drank lots of coffee and sodas. Jet lag - sigh.

Astana is starting to have cool nights now -- we brought in most of the tomatoes.

Back to PT on Monday -- arm still not at 90 degree angle yet.
I have two balls here at home to use, a pulley, 2lb weights and exercise tapes. Paris' 3 lb weights were ok to use a little but not for longer, so I have a LONG way to go.