15 July, 2007

I'm a pirate

I admit it.

I'm taking some color themes from photos and crochet patterns from three different online craft blogs and working up some flower granny squares. Suffice to say I thank the authors but won't be posting any more about it -- although the enjoyment I'm getting personally is immense. And then I'm sure I'll have enough for a ripple afghan leftover!

I also have my tonal taupe/soft pink/white typical granny squares that I'm working on (started in London) with Rowan wool cotton -- a dream yarn if there ever was one.

And ... also am knitting Rowan hand cotton bag ... lots to work on. And lots and lots of books up here to read.

We have discovered www.pandora.com -- a radio station where you can pick your titles and they do a stream of like minded artists. Hopefully they will continue to be able to broadcast -- there are current copyright issues at the moment that they are trying to work out, along with other internet sites.