05 December, 2006

Moving on ... December

Still cold, blustery and icy. Probably will be like this for months now!

Had a wonderful (and full) Thanksgiving with a great group, including the Sharmans from Almaty. Have been placing catch up every since, with the house still busy every day with workers of some kind of another. Can't always find things when we want them -- couldn't find the stuffed animal turkey, but found that this week. Now I'm looking for the velvet holiday runner.

Got the Christmas tree decorations out yesterday -- as always, memory lane. Chose a few to take with us to CA.

Haven't had internet for about 5 days, due to a cut cable in town. Before that, the phones weren't working. Always something!

Keeping Amazon.com busy and making shopping lists for the cabin. John has finished the annual Xmas letter with great pics!

Always something new in the US -- just found out about "tart" popourri candles from Eileen. She gave me a divine scent from Yankee Candles - sage and citrus. Of course I ordered some. I gave her some so-strong-I-couldn't stand them candles from the Vermont country store ... oh well!