07 October, 2006

Afternoon Tea -- what EXACTLY is it? and ... raincoats

One of the nice things I did in London was rest my sore tourist feet twice at the nice cafe at Selfridges on Oxford Street in London.

They have a fabulous smoky and dark tasting "Afternoon Tea" blend they serve, but of course ... don't sell.

Must find some time on the internet to research what an "afternoon tea" blend really is -- even Twinings sells it.

Selfridges was a bust along with the whole rest of London, it seems, in finding a raincoast that wasn't Burberry costs. Tried all the major department stores, including some of the "younger" places like Zara and Top Shop. Only rain jackets, and one kelly green raincoat. What happened to the old fashioned "macintosh"?

Have forgotten that I also went to Harrods and they have a great Earl Grey blend. The place is huge, very busy and noisy -- I ended up prefering Selfridges more.