15 September, 2006

Progress on the Koigu/Priscilla Dream Sock

Am nearing the toe for the Priscilla socks -- finally mastered the heel. Aak .. she says the toe is done just like the heel. Joy. It's been a good sock to work on though: it fits fine, but I like my socks much more snug, so next time I'll go down a size or down a needle size. But that means I have to buy some 0 dpts -- probably have some in my things that are still packed but who knows when I'll get to those. Must ask Larissa the knitter in PA if she has found any knitting supply stores since she moved up here from Almaty.

Must also learn how to do the Russian Join as I didn't have time when I needed to start another skein (these are large sized socks).

And no, that is NOT a hole in the heel in the photo ... some light problem.

The wool is lovely, and although the sock is "big" it will be warm in the winter to bum around in without shoes, or fine over a sock liner in boots. So ... to finish the toe and then work the other sock. A good "mindless" project to pick up and put down when you have 20 minutes to "do nothing" in between going off somewhere.

POST SCRIPT: have decided to wimp out on doing the toe: I'd have to work 2 "heels" and then knit them together -- forget it. I'm opting for Nancy Bush's heels in
Knitting on the Road -- seems to have worked for her every time!

NEXT socks will be a toe up pair to learn the progress, and then onto the Grapevine socks!